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Adventure Park

One of the aspects that has stood out the most in relation to tourism is due to changes in social behaviour, which in turn leads to the transformation of values ​​and lifestyles in today’s society, contributing to the evolution of a young tourist segment: Tourism of Nature.

Most of the studies produced today on the causes of evolution in the demand for natural spaces for tourism and recreational purposes, are basically distinguished between three reasons:

  • Saturation of conventional tourism;
  • Development of the ecological paradigm;
  • Commercialization of “eco” and “nature”;

The Biologic Park of Vinhais has been working for this “new” tourism, which is increasingly sensitive to the environment, environmental problems and the infinite nature of resources.

In order to satisfy all visitors / guests, a new area was created, the Adventure Park. This is dedicated to fun and mainly to the promotion of physical activity outdoors, thus valuing the environment and taking advantage of the particularities of this region, providing real challenges in perfect communion with nature.

Parque Aventura is an ideal space to be able to provide unforgettable moments for schools, associations, families, groups of friends or simply for one person.

For this, it has several adventure and nature sport activities:

Tree Climbing

Tree climbing is an adventure sport that consists of crossing platforms mounted on the treetops. This passage is composed of different types of obstacles such as stairs, sticks, suspension bridges, steel cables, ropes and ends with a slide.

Users are safe and connected to a steel cable that is named lifeline, even when crossing obstacles. From the moment the activity starts until the end, there is no decoupling.

Tree climbing children’s circuit: minimum height 0.90cm / maximum height 130cm;
Price: € 5.00

Tree climbing adults’ circuit: Minimum height 131cm
Price: 7.50 €

Climbing wall

Climbing is a sporting technique whose goal is to reach the summit of a rocky wall, block or wall.

The climbing wall installed in Parque do Aventura is a wooden wall that is 7 meters high, which the user has to climb with the aid of handles that imitate the tetris pieces.

The minimum age to perform this activity is 4 years.
Price: € 4.00


Paintball is a team game that requires skill, speed and strategic thinking. Usually, it is practiced between two or more teams that compete to reach an objective established at the beginning of the match.

Parque Aventura has a Paintball field, where several obstacles are placed, which allows the players to hide from opponents.

To perform this activity, participants must use the following equipment: overalls; mask, vest and clear, marker.

This activity can only be carried out with a minimum of 8 people.

Adult Paintball Price: € 12.50
Children Paintball Price: € 8.00

Target shooting

It is an activity for children and adults, with 3 different modalities: Shooting with Paintball Markers, Archery, and blowguns. It is ideal for promoting concentration and self-esteem, not depending on others to be successful.

Shooting with Marker: € 4,00
Arch and bow price: € 3,00
Blowgun shooting price: € 3.00

Hammock Box

The Hammock Box is the ideal space to promote the joy and fun of the little ones, where they can jump, jump, roll, fall …
Up to 12 years old.

Price: € 2.00

Zip line

Those who really want to feel the pure adrenaline for a few seconds, just have to climb a 6m high ladder, to take advantage of what the Adventure’s Park zip line has to offer.

Price: € 2.00


Os Bungalows/Pod’s de madeira existentes no PBV e em pleno Parque Natural de Montesinho são encantadoras casas de madeira individuais, havendo em diferentes tipologias, nomeadamente T0, T1, T2, T3 e T4.

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